Andrea Petkovic defends her lackadaisical celebratory moonwalk

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

After her 6-2, 2-6, 6-4 win over Maria Kirilenko in the fourth-round of the French Open, Andrea Petkovic celebrated with her new post-match dance of choice, the moonwalk. Only this time, the German's version was slow, wobbly and performed without much panache, sort of like it is every time I try it out on the dance floor.

Petkovic had a reason her dance moves were more Billie Jean King than Billie Jean. She told Christopher Clarey of The New York Times, "I had no strength to do it properly today, so I'm sorry for that."

Oh, Andrea, Andrea, Andrea. If we've learned anything from Michael Jackson's posthumous concert film "This Is It," it's that being physically incapable is the time when it's MOST IMPORTANT to moonwalk. If MJ could summon up the energy to do the dance during those final days when he was on enough drugs to put down an elephant, surely you can muster enough to put your heart into the moonwalk following a three set win over Maria Kirilenko.

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