The Sun welcomes England’s new manager by mocking his speech impediment

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

West Brom manager Roy Hodgson has been given a four-year contract to take charge of the England team and serve as primary scapegoat/punching bag and The Sun ensured that the job began right away.

"I would hope if I was offered the England job," Hodgson told The Sun two days ago, "it would be with the backing of the important people — the fans and media. It's going to be very difficult for anyone who has not got their backing. Even if you've the competence and are maybe the right person, you need to be perceived as the right person."

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So naturally, Britain's "most popular" newspaper/source for daily photos of topless women announced Hodgson's appointment by highlighting his difficulty in pronouncing the letter "r." And they did this not once, but five times.

The Sun is hardly the first to ever make "Woy" jokes and at this point it's not surprising, but it's hard not to read this as a dig at the man who beat out Sun columnist/Tottenham manager Harry "I don't know what an email is" Redknapp to the job. Especially when you read The Sun's article on Hodgson's appointment, which is more about how Redknapp didn't get the job he supposedly had in the bag.

Meanwhile, at The FA's press conference to unveil Hodgson (who speaks five languages, by the way), the press followed the Daily Mail columnist Martin Samuel's written defense of their clockwork stoning of England managers by quizzing Roy on his relationship with apartheid. Since Roy played a season in South Africa in the 1970s. None of this is made up. But hey -- summer holidays from £15!

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