Milan fans’ giant banners depicting Leonardo as Judas

Since Saturday's Derby della Madonnina was the first since former AC Milan player and manager Leonardo took charge of Inter, the Rossoneri fans put a lot of effort into creating a giant display that would express their cliched feelings about him. With one large banner depicting their own version of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper (where everyone is drinking beer instead of eating food) and another below it making sure that their point of calling the Brazilian "Inter's Judas" was getting across.

With Milan soundly beating Inter 3-0, the man Silvio Berlusconi routinely undermined and sacked after just one season truly paid for his sin of joining the Rossoneri's rivals. And after the match, Leonardo remained diplomatic about Milan and the fans that put so much work into disparaging him. From Football Italia:

"I respect the Milan fans. I know what I experienced with them and I am proud of everything I am experiencing now. There is nothing to analyse.

"I saw and heard the welcome I was given here, but I respect everyone."

"I respect everyone"? That sounds more like something Jesus would say. Ahhhhh Leonardo! How dare you confuse Milan fans' elaborate and perhaps flawed insult!