Manchester Utd fan gives brilliant wedding toast after marrying into Manchester City family

Traditionally, marrying into a family of Manchester City fans is only a problem if their surname is "Gallagher" or if you are a Manchester Utd fan. The groom in this video suffered the latter issue, and decided to break the football-based tension with a brilliant one-liner in his wedding speech.

Setting up a tribute to an absent family member in a voice quivering with emotion, the groom asks the wedding party to be upstanding for a toast to the man who has had a great influence on his life. As sentimental relatives dab their eyes, the Sky Blues fans in the room have no idea that they are actually raising a glass to the man who had cast a shadow over Maine Road and Eastlands for the previous 26 years.

The cheeky groom later confirmed on Twitter that the City-goading stunt was a tribute to his late father.