Juventus defender customized his car to celebrate Scudetto win

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The Serie A season isn't quite over yet, but Juventus defender Paolo De Ceglie has already had his Jeep repainted in honor of his club sealing their Scudetto win last weekend. With the front of the otherwise black car painted green white and red, De Ceglie also added three stars across the hood to signify Juventus' (unofficial) 30 league titles.

Despite being stripped of two titles as a result of the Calciopoli scandal in 2006, Juve have made it clear that they are still counting both of them, putting them at 30 (hence one star for every 10 titles) instead of the officially recognized 28. And this three-star statement isn't just being made on De Ceglie's poor Jeep, the club also put up "30" banners outside their offices and plastered it across their stadium. Have a look...

So now that title counting has broken free from the restraints of the truth, we can all look forward to when Manchester United decide they actually have 100 Premier League titles and Santos claim they won the Champions League in 2007.

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