Inter Milan ultras are very unhappy about their new red away jersey

Inter Milan's new away shirt: probably not going to sell very well (
Inter Milan's new away shirt: probably not going to sell very well (

According to the Nike Store, Inter Milan's new away kit "honors" the team with "bold team colors and symbols." Fans of the Serie A side, however, are inclined to disagree, as they can't help but notice that it's almost exactly the same hue worn by fierce rivals AC Milan.

The Curva Nord — the collective of Internazionale's die-hard fans and ultras — are so displeased with the new strip that a representative has written to club owner and president Massimo Moratti to explain their intention to boycott it.

If your Italian is molto buona you can read the letter here, but otherwise enjoy some choice cuts:

"It is an insult to our history and traditions, that color belongs to another team. It's a real punch in the eye and another in the stomach that has left us breathless.

"For us, red should appear only on the jersey combined green and white in order to convey the Champion of Italy or, as in the case of the centenary, representing a cross superimposed on white, which is the colors of the flag of our city.

"We urge fans not to buy this clothing and they certainly shouldn't come to the stadium wearing it."

The fans await a response from President Moratti, but speculate that the kit will become a flop before it is ever worn by the team.

Man City fans, meanwhile, face a similar sartorial quandary with their maroon away shirt, which is vaguely similar to the colors of the second best team in Manchester.