Higuain kicks, Di Maria punches, Cristiano bleeds and Mourinho has no team

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With their 1-0 loss to Sevilla on Saturday, Real Madrid now have just four points from their first four league matches of the season and the frustration has set in. After Sevilla scored just 69 seconds into the match, that frustration showed as Real struggled not only to finish their chances, but to keep level heads as Sevilla knocked them around.

Early in the match, Gonzalo Higuain was shown a yellow card for starting scuffle/team standoff and he also kicked Sevilla defender Fernando Navarro in the back of the leg for giving him a shot to the gut...

Just before halftime, Angel Di Maria took a swing and a miss at Ivan Rakitic, who was shown a yellow for draggin Di Maria down in the middle of the pitch...

And finally, just before full time, Cristiano Ronaldo was taken down from behind as he charged towards goal, opening up a cut on his arm. With his arm bleeding, green lasers in his eyes and his public sadness still getting snickered at, Cristiano had his chance to dramatically salvage a point for his side. But, it didn't quite work out (via Soccer Training Info)...

After the match, Jose Mourinho expressed his frustration not only with his team, but with himself. From Football Espana:

"We have a problem with a state of mind. We lack a collective spirit. Only two or three heads are committed, and focused that football is the centre of their lives. We have few compromised minds. But I'm the Coach, therefore this is my fault.

"At the half-time break, I substituted two players [Mesut Ozil and Angel Di Maria] but I wanted to change seven. Football should allow you to make more changes. [...]

"My team doesn't show up at the moment. That's my problem. Right now, I have no team and that worries me."

There is reason for Madridistas to remain hopeful, though. The last time they started a season this poorly (2001/02), they won the Champions League.

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