Fabrice Muamba asks ‘did we lose?’ after waking in hospital from match collapse

Fabrice Muamba's collapse on the pitch from a cardiac arrest in the 42nd minute of Bolton's FA Cup quarterfinal against Spurs on Saturday united players and fans around the world in their concern for the 23-year-old defender's well being. After the excellent work of stadium medics, ambulance and hospital staff resulted in the critically ill Muamba coming out of sedation, regaining consciousness and breathing on his own while in intensive care Monday, there was cautious optimism from all those concerned. But for Muamba himself, the primary concern was the result of the match.

From The Sun:

Family pal Aime Esalo told how the 23-year-old was asked by his dad Marcel if he knew who he was as he came round.

Mr Esalo said: "Fabrice said yes, and the next thing he asked was: 'Did we lose?'

"When he was told they were drawing, Fabrice asked why they had stopped the game and his father said, 'Because of you'."

And people say that no one cares about the FA Cup anymore.

Bolton manager Owen Coyle, who also spoke with Muamba, told the press that doctors are stressing that it's still very early in Fabrice's recovery. And that while his responsiveness is an encouraging sign, there is still uncertainty.

From escaping a civil war at the age of 11 to adapting to a new homeland and now this, Muamba has proven he's a warrior, though.