DTotD: Teammates booked for scuffle over who takes a penalty

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Already with a 2-1 lead over Yeovil in the 35th minute, Bury teammates Steven Schumacher and Giles Coke both wanted to take the penalty to put their side up 3-1 so bad that they decided to be adult about it and fight over the ball. It got to the point where three teammates had to separate them and the referee showed each of them a yellow card before Schumacher eventually won out and converted the penalty.

After Bury's 3-2 win, Bury manager Richie Barker sided with his captain and designated penalty taker (via the BBC): "Steven Schumacher is the captain, I've given him the responsibility to take penalties and as far as I'm concerned the rest of the team know that."

Just because a player is able to fend off a teammate to take a penalty does not necessarily mean he will be the one soaking up the glory for himself, though. Last week, Sporting's Valeri Bojinov shoved designated penalty taker Matias Fernandez away from the spot so he could show him how it's done. And in the 93rd minute of a 1-1 cup match against lower division side Moreirense, Bojinov had his penalty saved (video here).

He is now facing disciplinary action from the team.

Video via The Futblog