DTotD: Benfica’s Nicolas Gaitan kicks Fenerbahce player in the face, knocks him out

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Fenerbahce's Gokhan Gonul suffered a scary injury in the second leg of his side's Europa League semifinal against Benfica. With the aggregate score at 2-2 and Fenerbahce leading on their away goal in the 57th minute, Benfica's Nicolas Gaitan tried to reign in a high cross, but ended up kicking Gonul in the face instead.

Gonul was unconscious and bleeding from the mouth, but Gaitan wasn't booked for the high boot. Gonul was taken to the hospital and, according to the Daily Mail, he needed stitches on his lip and "lost some teeth."

Benfica went on to score a winner in the 65th minute, sending them to the Europa League final, where they will play Chelsea. Lucky for Fernando Torres, he already wears a face mask.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.

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