Spice Girl stands out during Olympic Closing Ceremony reunion

The most eagerly anticipated element of the London Games' Closing Ceremony was the reunion of the Spice Girls, and one of them in particular stole the spotlight.

Melanie Brown, aka "Mel B," aka "Scary Spice," was front and center for much of the performance, which involved the Spice Girls singing their hits on top of cabs driving around the Olympic Stadium. The cars came together in the center of the stadium stage, and Mel B was in the center of the group when the cabs came to a stop.

She stood out in other ways, as well. She sported a sparkling bodysuit (taking notes, perhaps, from the publicity-savvy Jennifer Lopez during a New Year's bash) and seemed to be injecting more energy into the performance than any other Spice Girl. Mel B even got a little solo moment early in the performance, which included renditions of the hit songs "Wannabe" and "Spice Up Your Life."

The 37-year-old singer looked especially good after giving birth to three kids since the Spice Girls' first "retirement" in 2001. Every member of the group, in fact, seems to have aged very well.

Together, they put on an entertaining show -- with Mel B leading the way.

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