Jordyn Wieber’s mother sends her tearful daughter a hug over Twitter

Photos: More images of Jordyn Weiber
Photos: More images of Jordyn Weiber

We look at Olympic gymnasts as tough competitors and elite athletes, but their moms still see the little girls they woke up for early morning practice . That difference was illustrated in a tweet sent by Jordyn Wieber's mother after the American gymnast and world all-around champion failed to make the all-around finals in Sunday's qualifying round. Wieber, the defending world champ, took third to teammates Ally Raisman and Gabby Douglas in all-around scores. Though Wieber's score of 60.032 is one of the best of the day, only two gymnasts per country are allowed to compete in the all-around.

Security is tight during the Olympics, and it's next to impossible for parents to get down to their athletes right after the competition. Though Jordan is one of the world's most talented gymnasts, she's still her mother's baby, and mothers always know when their babies need a hug. Rita Wieber couldn't immediately hug her crying daughter, so she sent her a hug in the best way she knew how.

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