Do you have curling fever? These bros have created a way to play at home

Sweden's Fredrik Linberg, left, and Sebastian Kraupp, right, sweep ahead of the stone during the men's curling match against Britain at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014, in Sochi, Russia. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

Curling doesn't register as high as figure skating or snowboarding on the Winter Olympics popularity scale. But it's a funky game that some people — especially people on the Internet — seem to love.

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If you have the curling fever and want to try it at home, here's a PSA for you: A Redditor named itsNOSAJ and his buddies created an at-home, DIY version that requires a fold-out table, plastic shot glasses, cups of water and regular ol' toothbrushes.

They might want to invest in some more colorful pants, but otherwise, it looks like fun:

He's even written up the rules:

• The first to 5 points wins.

• Only 2 shot glasses are allowed per team.

• It's just like standard curling so whichever team gets the most "stones" closest to the center wins that many stones.

• You can't throw past the top of the circle when releasing the stone to the other side. (We later created a dotted line on the tops of each circle.)

• If the shot glass tips over then it is considered a "No Stone" and is placed off to the side. There is no "do over."

• If the brush hits the "stone" then it is considered a "No Stone."

• The 2 red solo cups shown on the video are kept in place there and can't be moved. (We traced 2 circles around the cups.)

• The person brushing can't hover over the table. (The water can change the game.)

• Just like regular curling, you can attempt to take out the other "Stones."

We are thinking of making a YouTube video soon explaining all the rules and trying to give it an official name. We just used a cooking pan for the outer circles and then used the red solo cup for the 2 smaller circles. We played this game for 2 hours straight. It was so much fun that the girls came by and took away the shot glasses and everything. Guess they were just jealous.

Who's going to try the at-home version? Or would you rather just play shuffleboard?

(H/T: Reddit)

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