Brazil soccer team living in countryside hotel to avoid ‘temptations’ of Olympic Village

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As one of the favorites to win the men's soccer tournament in London, Brazil is under pressure to finally win its first gold medal in the competition. And to help ensure the young team doesn't get distracted, coach Mano Menezes has decided to keep his players away from the debauchery of the Olympic Village and instead sequester them off in a hotel in the Hertfordshire countryside north of Greater London.

From Reuters:

"There are too many temptations here," [Menezes] said during a visit to the village at the Olympic Park.

While players shopped for Olympic souvenirs, Menezes said: "Some of the players like Neymar and the others have already been the focus of attention from so many other athletes when we've been here and we have serious work to do at these Games."

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At 20 years old, Neymar has already become an international superstar who has drawn comparisons to Lionel Messi (who Pele claims isn't even as good as Neymar). Though he has an infant son back home and hasn't really gotten in nearly as much trouble as some other heavily hyped footballers his age, it seems Menezes wants to keep him and his teammates away from the sex-crazed village, where a record 150,000 condoms have reportedly been supplied after running short in previous years.

Still, being Brazilians, the team managed to create its own, more wholesome, fun while visiting the Olympic Village. Here's video of midfielder Sandro on guitar leading his teammates (including Lucas Moura, Neymar and Marcelo) in a song and dance...

Video via 101gg

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