Boat Race disruption raises concerns about Olympic security

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

The Boat Race, a 158-year-old race between rowing teams from Cambridge and Oxford universities, was disrupted when a protesting swimmer jumped into the water. He swam in front of the boats and was nearly hit by the Oxford oars The protester was said to have written online about his plan to get in the water in an essay called, "Elitism leads to tyranny."

With the Olympics just 110 days away, the disruption leads to questions about London's ability to provide security during the Games. Olympic rowing events will happen on a closed course in a different river, but protesters will still try to leave their mark.

In August, riots swept through London. Protesters admitted they were targeting Olympic sites. London police were alerted to the rioters plans as they were discussed online, just like the man who disrupted the Boat Race. These events don't inspire much confidence in London's security. If it's this easy for one man to mess up one event, what will protesters do come July?

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