Video: When pro snowboarders have sumo hockey fights

Let's say you're a pro snowboarder. You have high-end video equipment in order to document your sick tricks. You have some downtime. Inexplicably, you also have a pair of inflatable sumo wrestling suits.

Obviously, you're going to hold a nighttime sumo hockey fight tournament, right?

Here's a semifinal matchup in the ongoing tournament featuring Finnish snowboarding star Lauri Heiskari. WARNING: There are a few PG-13 words in these videos. Viewer discretion is advised.


Sumo Hockey Fight First Semifinal: Konna vs. Lauri from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

That would be fellow Finnish 'boarder Eero Ettala as the referee in this intense bout between behemoths.

After the jump, should you so desire, the rest of the bouts from the tournament thus far. Sadly, Kyle Wellwood and Marty Brodeur apparently didn't make it out of the round of 16.

Admittedly, these clips are in the Grade B, maybe Grade C range. Some are better than others. But we wanted to share the sheer lunacy of the concept with you.

Also, the concept of MEGAMO being that much slower than Slo-Mo is rather wonderful.

BOUT 1 (Lots of skating, great music, funny opening.)

Sumo Hockey Fight No. 1: Lauri vs. Heikki from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

BOUT 2 (Awesome music, better action, and we're not sure if "trumpet sounds" or "moshing" is a better special ability.

Sumo Hockey Fight No. 2: Fredu vs. Konna from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

BOUT 3 (Again, great music. This could be the Ali-Fraser of sumo hockey fights. Or not.)

Sumo Hockey Fight No. 3: Rasmus vs. Joonas from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.

BOUT 4 (We'll assume he's smoking a Marlboro Light at the beginning. Fun one, may be our favorite.)

Sumo Hockey Fight No. 4: Paavo vs. Markku from Eero Ettala on Vimeo.