Video: Nicklas Lidstrom, Corey Perry sell Honda with flying hats

The NHL is really starting to get its talent face time with its promotional partners.

Earlier this season, we had Tim Thomas and Patrick Kane battling "Peggy from USA Prime Credit" in an ad for Discover Card. Now it's Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings and Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks putting their Western Conference rivalry on hold for a Honda commercial debuting during the 2012 Winter Classic on NBC.

The spot was created by Honda's ad agency RPA. From Trust Collective and RPA:

This new spot gives Honda the opportunity to showcase its commitment to the sport. 'Passionate Fans' celebrates favorite customs and the passion of the league's devotees," said Tom Peyton, Honda brand manager, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The spot features Perry, the current league MVP, and 12-time All-Star Lidström walking from an arena after a late-night NHL game. As the pair prepares to depart in their Honda Pilot, a hat falls on the windshield, mirroring hard-core hockey fans' habit of tossing their hats toward the ice when an NHL player pulls off a hat trick, scoring three goals in a single game. As the stars exchange confused glances, wondering if the other had scored a hat trick recently, hats rain from the sky. As an octopus plops on the dashboard-a bow to Detroit Red Wings' fans habit of tossing these critters on the ice-a narrator says, "They've got passionate fans. We've got passionate fans."

Clever stuff. And hey, isn't it nice to see one of the best defensemen in the history of the NHL finally getting a promotional push before he, you know, retires? (Although, considering Lidstrom might still be playing by the time there are flying cars ...)

s/t reader John Evans for the clip.