Video: Benoit Pouliot abuses Panthers for goal of year entry

After Friday night, there are eight days until the turn of the calendar to 2012. Benoit Pouliot of the Boston Bruins apparently wanted to get his goal of the year entry in before the deadline.

Check out the Bruins forward abusing Florida Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov with a between the legs move, before firing it past Jose Theodore while diving to the ice.

That. Was. Nasty.

With that, the redemption of Benoit Pouliot in the eyes of NESN announcer Jack Edwards may be complete. We've gone from "Benoit Pouliot … one of the greatest disappointments in talent in National Hockey League history" during his days with the Montreal Canadiens to "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" after a goal.

What a difference a Spoked 'B' makes.

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