Sabres’ Foligno scores one-punch victory in fight with Ryan Carter (Video)

The Buffalo Sabres don't win a lot these days, but I think we can safely declare Sabres' winger Marcus Foligno the victor of this tilt with Ryan Carter of the New Jersey Devils.

Foligno scored the win knockout-style, with a nasty punch to the chin that sent a dazed, tagged Carter to the ice.

For fans of face-punching in hockey, I'll assume this is something they'll enjoy. As for me, I'll admit I find Foligno's in-the-moment reaction truly bizarre.

Kudos to Foligno for stopping the fight the moment he saw Carter in trouble, as well as holding onto Carter as he goes down -- which may very well have prevented the Devils' forward from hitting his head on the ice. And I guess it's nice that he didn't crow about his one-punch victory, say, by miming the "go to sleep" gesture Arron Asham drew some heat for a few seasons back.

But I still find it strange that, in hockey, players fight hoping not to inflict any damage. It's weird. I understand that respecting the other guy is part of the code, but fighting's a pretty dangerous activity, and landing punches -- the way one typically wins a fight -- tends to do damage. It's weird to see players acting surprised when that happens.

Anyway. Carter's next stop after hitting the ice was the room. He didn't return to the game. Here's hoping it's just due to the facial lacerations and not, oh, I don't know, a concussion. Shots to the head can inflict this, I've heard.

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Harrison Mooney

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