Pass or Fail: Detroit Red Wings 2016 Stadium Series jerseys


Details about the Detroit Red Wings’ 2016 Stadium Series jerseys, for their game at Coors Field against the Colorado Avalanche on Feb. 27, had leaked earlier this year. 

We knew it was going to feature a stylized ‘D’ with some “wings” on it. We knew that they were going to have a white “sash” on them, as these crude Sports Logos mock-ups showed us. 

On Monday, the Red Wings revealed the actual sweaters, and they’re pretty baller:


Rather than some Miss America white “sash” across the front, it’s a large parallelogram. (One imagines the first option, a trapezoid, was rejected by the Red Wings’ goalies.) That slight overlap with the logo and the “sash” makes the whole thing pop. 

They’re still doing that stupid oversized lettering in the sleeves in an effort to have the people freezing their butts off in the upper deck identify when Darren Helm is on the ice. Because that's so vital. 

Inside the collar is a message that reads “EST. 1926,” and there’s a small “Red Wings” on the collar, lest anyone believe this is, like, a Dayton jersey.

Oh, and for the record: They're wearing WHITE GLOVES.

From the Wings:

The coloration of the uniform is primarily red, with simplified white accents, creating a bold, striking stadium scale visual while staying true to the color identity of the franchise. The crest features a redesigned “D” logo, updated in its design style to connect more directly with the iconic modern day Winged Wheel logo. The single white diagonal stripe across the chest celebrates the iconic stripe of this storied Original Six™ franchise. Its diagonal placement is inspired by modern automotive aesthetics, and is a tribute to the automotive industry that has been a foundation of the city of Detroit. Stadium size numbers on the sleeves and back have been redesigned to better connect with the modern font style of the new “D” crest. The nameplate lettering is arched, as a way of connecting to the design of the team’s current nameplate lettering.

These jerseys are, by far, the most modern take on the Red Wings’ sweaters. And, apparently, the most automotively inspired, if the team is to be believed.

Back when we ranked Winter Classic jerseys, the original Wrigley Field game Red Wings sweater came in third. It was bold, but not entirely successful. The Original Six feel of the Ann Arbor game’s jerseys fit the event, and the off-white coloring was a perfect match with the red.

But what say you?

PASS OR FAIL: The Detroit Red Wings’ 2016 Stadium Series jerseys. 

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