NY Rangers are 6-0 because Brad Richards is dating Olivia Munn

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When we last heard about actress/model/Slave Leia cos-player Olivia Munn, scurrilous director Brett Ratner bragged about having slept with her before admitting he made that up a week later, removing the pox upon her and restoring her virtue, such as it is.

Tough break for Ratner. No wonder "Tower Heist" tanked. You see, Olivia Munn has powers … as the New York Rangers are discovering now.

US Weekly asks: "Has New York Rangers player Brad Richards found his ice princess in Olivia Munn?" And while that's a terribly insulting sentence on several levels, apparently the 31 year olds have a thing that happens to coincide with a recent run of Rangers success (and Richards scoring seven points in seven games).

From Just Jared, behold the dawn of "Munnchards":

"Brad and Olivia have been dating a couple weeks," JustJared.com overhead a Madison Square Garden rep say. "Olivia has become the Rangers' good luck charm as they've been on a 6-0 winning streak since they first started dating two weeks ago.'"

The happy couple even dined together at Italian restaurant Spasso this past Thursday (November 10) in the West Village.

Lest anyone believe a celebrity girlfriend can't affect on ice performance, we present to you Mike Fisher's career resurgence after winning an "American Idol."

News of this coupling has spread to websites like Crushable, which lists "5 Facts About Olivia Munn's New Boyfriend Brad Richards." But when high-profile relationships happen, there's really only one place to go: The bunny boards of Talk-Sports.net, which offered the following critiques of "Munnchards", presented anonymously and without context here.

"Olivia has her PR on speed dial. No doubt they told Page Six about the "sighting," because seriously, who would recognize either of those two? NHL players are small potatoes in NYC, and Olivia... what does she even do for money these days?"

"Urgh, she is definitely no Carrie Underwood. If he was going to date a starlet could it not have been someone with a little more class like Carrie. What a tool"

"Still disappointed in him picking a girl like that with that kind of reputation (for saying those type of things) or going for the stereotype model/actress. Even it was just dinner. I read somewhere that 'he likes her easy personality'. Maybe the dinner conversation wasn't interesting but the rest was?"

("Saying those things" apparently including a joke she told Jon Stewart about the Holocaust.)

Ah, celebrity hockey bliss … and just in time for "HBO 24/7"! Welcome to the world of NHL WAGs, Ms. Munn. Carol Alt will be your orientation guide.

s/t to Michela for the tip.

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