NHL Halloween: Puck Daddy presents greatest hockey-related costumes in 2013

Halloween is upon us! Have you come up with the perfect costume yet? Here's hoping!

But don't you worry. If you haven't, your friends at Puck Daddy have. We've got you covered, with a selection of hockey Halloween costumes that will make you the talk of the town and/or bewilder any non-hockey fans among you. You could go as Ondrej Pavelec, NHL goaltender slash colander, for instance.

But if slagging the Winnipeg Jets isn't your game, that's okay. We've got plenty more where that came from. This Halloween, go as one of these prominent hockey figures:

Make sure you tell anyone and every you're a free citizen, and DO NOT go to the White House.

That would be out of character.

Go as hockey's best or maybe just most duplicitous Twitter account!

And if anyone has a problem with this costume, you just accuse them of having never played the game.

Or go out with a friend representing the other side.

For added realism, trick or treat in Buffalo and be really upset about it.

If anyone brushes you, make sure to go over and look around to make sure everyone saw, or the costume doesn't work.

This is how we see Pavel Datsyuk in our minds.

Admittedly, it's not hairy enough, but it's a last-minute costume. Sometime you just have to make do.

Stay out of the woods. Ilya Bryzgalov wouldn't go into the woods.

Or you could go as "Sexy Paul Bissonnette", which is the same basic costume, but without the shorts.

For added realism, make crude jokes loudly and just assume no one can hear you.

Photoshops by Harrison Mooney and Greg Wyshynski/Puck Daddy; thanks to Sean Leahy and Jen Neale for the inspiration.