NHL fans: Lock out your Halloween pumpkins (PHOTOS)

Fan angst has manifested in many forms during the NHL lockout, from musical protests on YouTube to heartfelt (and some would say foolhardy) organized fan demonstrations.

The latest symbol of puckhead frustration? Locking out your hockey-inspired Halloween pumpkins, apparently ...


, a Chicago Blackhawks fan, sent over this image of his locked-out pumpkin, as the Greatest Logo In Hockey (indisputable) is engulfed in chains. A great fan protest, as well as an accurate representation of the Marian Hossa contract.

We also received this from Minnesota Wild fan Dan Collins with the message: "Going to be a sad Halloween."

In a related story, Craig Leipold intends to give out full-sized Godiva chocolate bars to trick-or-treaters while simultaneously complaining about the price of candy …

We've covered the awesome phenomenon of NHL pumpkins before on Puck Daddy, and expect we'll see a few as Spooky Candy Day approaches. If you create one, we'd suggest you follow the meme: Lock Out Your NHL Pumpkin. Oh, and send an image of it to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com for future posting, if that's what you're into.

Or, failing that: Create an elaborate recreation of the NHL CBA talks using Halloween iconography. We can't wait to see a Nativity Scene-esque staging of the negotiations starring Gourd-y Bettman and 'Don Fear', whom we imagine would be a white pumpkin with glowing red eyes.