Newborn baby sleeps in Stanley Cup, courtesy of Antoine Vermette (Photo)

Babies sitting inside in the Stanley Cup have become as synonymous with the NHL’s ultimate prize as hoisting it, watching grown men weep over it and having representatives from the Hall of Fame clean off glitter and body oil from it.

Several Chicago Blackhawks took photos with little ones inside the Cup during their on-ice celebration last Monday, after vanquishing the Tampa Bay Lightning. Forward Antoine Vermette had to wait a little longer, however, considering that his wife Karen was still a few days away from delivering baby Emilia Vermette into the world.

Via Phil Pritchard
Via Phil Pritchard

That blessed day was on Saturday. On Sunday, Hockey Hall of Fame Keeper of the Cup Phil Pritchard tweeted an image of this adorable newborn being swaddled inside Lord Stanley.

(And, apparently, being propped up by Thing from The Addams Family.)

This image gives … I believe the colloquial term is “all the feels.” And obviously a Father’s Day that Vermette will cherish forever.

It’s almost enough to make one forget that this baby is resting where Kris Draper’s baby defecated. Almost …

s/t Chris Peters