Lightning dismiss ThunderBug after Silly String incident with Boston Bruins fan

Tampa Bay Lightning mascot ThunderBug became a cult hero last week when he shot Silly String on a Boston Bruins fan at a Bolts home game, sparking a physical altercation between the Bug and the B's fan that shocked a nation. OK, not so much "shocked" as "made giggle."

In the aftermath of that video, Revelation No. 1 courtesy of WTSP in Tampa Bay: ThunderBug is actually a "she." Revelation No. 2: She is now out of a job after the Silly String Incident.

Is there still a chance to save this hockey heroine's job?

From WTSP:

A Boston-backer slammed the mascot from behind during the Tuesday, Jan 17 Lightning-Bruins game after he was hit with silly string. Ushers spoke to the man in the concourse, but he later returned to his seat.

Video of the incident, meanwhile, went viral and garnered national attention. On Monday, the Lightning confirmed the mascot performer will not work another game for the team. The woman had been with the team since 2009. A Lightning spokesman said the incident played a part in the team's decision, but it wasn't the only factor.

A group of Lightning fans refuse to see their Bug get squished on the windshield of corporate decorum.

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There is a Save ThunderBug's Performer's Job! (wordy!) Facebook page that seeks to rally support through such time-tested and effective methods as the online petition:

Since 2009 ThunderBug's former performer cheered on Tampa Bay Lightning but just a few days ago she silly stringed a boston fan and since then Tampa Bay Lightning fired her as a performer I want you to view the video and if you agree she did nothing wrong sign this petition today. Mascot Madness cares about all mascots and we don't think what happened to her is right fight for your favorite mascot today and let her have her job back by signing the petition today.

Yeah! Equal protection for the costumed! Down with Ice Dancers! LONG … LIVE … THUNNNNDERBUUUUUG!

Seriously, there's a long tradition of ThunderBug getting into regrettable altercations. Via Leahy, remember when TB was on "The Jerry Springer Show"? (Please hang in there until the 2:20 mark.)

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