KHL scoring leader Alex Radulov loses teeth on post-slap shot high stick (Video)

Puck Daddy

When we last saw Alexander Radulov, the former Nashville Predators winger who's now the KHL's leading scorer, he nearly decapitated Salavat Yulaev head coach Sergei Mikhalev with an angry slash on the bench; before doing the classic, "Oh, I nearly decapitated my own coach with an angry slash on the bench? Myyyy baaad" move.

Naturally, the following clip from Salavat's 6-2 loss to Avtomobilist on Sunday got us wondering what the Russian phrase for "karma's a bitch" might be (Warning: There will be blood):

At 14:46 of the second period, Radulov took the full follow-through from Mikhail Churlyayev's slap shot behind the net … right in the grill. He crumpled to the ice, and bled all the way to the back where it was confirmed he lost three teeth, according to our own Dmitry Chesnokov. Radulov would return to the game and play 21:03 overall.

Interesting call on this one, by the way: Churlyayev was given a 5-minute major for high-sticking and a game misconduct for what, legitimately, looked like an accidental high stick. High-sticking match penalties in the NHL are for intent to injure. In the KHL, perhaps game misconducts are given for "making our best player spit Chiclets through a bloody maw." (It sounds much more romantic in Russian.)

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