John Scott blows past Brooks Orpik, scores third career goal (Video)

Has there been a signing in the NHL more ridiculed? Questioned? Met with mouths agape at the shortsightedness of it?

But enough about Brooks Oprik of the Washington Capitals. Look at what John Scott did to him on Tuesday night!

The San Jose Sharks’ infamous, and much maligned, pugilist blew past the Capitals’ $27.5 million free-agent acquisition after Adam Burish intercepted a John Carlson pass at center ice. He kicked it over to Scott, who skared in and lifted the puck through goalie Braden Holtby to give the Sharks a 3-0 lead at 9:34 of the first period.

True to form, he was then involved in a scrum behind the net.

It was his third shift of the game. It was also his third career goal in 237 games. Eat your heart out, Gretzky.

Scott’s last goal was Dec. 27, 2013, while with the Buffalo Sabres against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was a little less picturesque:

The Capitals pulled Holtby after that goal, although one wonders if they should have just left him in given that it couldn’t have gotten any more embarrassing than giving up a goal to JOHN SCOTT.

Sigh … the Sharks are going to win the Cup, aren’t they?