Jaromir Jagr is a firefighter tricked by sexy ladies in new lottery ad (VIDEO)

Hiring Philadelphia Flyers star Jaromir Jagr as the spokesman for a gambling venture is a bit like hiring Chuck Norris as a spokesman for the Society of Awesome Roundhouse Kicks — it's perfection.

Jagr is the face of Sazka's television campaign promoting its various games, including the transcontinental Euro-Milony lottery. In this new commercial airing in Czech Republic, Jagr takes on perhaps his most challenging role since he pretended to care about the Capitals: Playing a fireman, who is hoodwinked into attending what may be an orgy by a nefarious birthday candle trick.

Running inside a house with your hose wrapped around you only to find a dozen welcoming ladies … haven't we all been there, fellas? (*crickets*) No word if Claude Giroux eventually showed up to make Jagr look better than he is.

From Sazka (via web translation):

On Sunday 11 Sazka starts in March next phase of its advertising campaign. The main role of the new spots again present face Sazka Jaromir Jagr. After a successful television spots in which you played on Jaromír Santa messenger or a pizza, viewers will see him in other roles to support the various games Sazka.

Spot "cake" is aimed at supporting the Euromillions game and Jaromir Jagr in it reveal its special rescue and desires. On the contrary, a very relaxing spot "Bed" will promote popular numerical Lucky 10 game and will appeal to those who in the morning or during the day we sleep late. Along with these spots will be approximately mid-April to still be "pizza", which informs the public with the Sportka jackpot. Then we introduce Jaromir Jagr in another surprising role.

All three spots were, like the previous ones, filmed in Philadelphia and will be broadcast on television stations TV Nova, Nova Cinema, family Prima, Prima Cool, Love and Prima TV Barrandov.

Here is that aforementioned pizza spot with Jagr:

Seriously, Mario gets Rich Pilon in a statue and Jagr gets paid for this? No justice …

s/t Bill Meltzer.