Hockey fans litter the ice with underwear after goal (Video)


We’ve seen hats, teddy bears and sea creatures fly from the stands onto the ice after a goal. Yes, we’ve seen underwear before, too: Remember when Taylor Hall scored his “bra trick”?

But Bakersfield Condors fans weren’t content to throw a single undergarment. Watch as they litter the ice at Sunday’s ECHL game against the Las Vegas Wranglers with nearly 6,000 pieces of clothing:

By far the most underwear we’ve seen thrown at performers from Las Vegas since Tom Jones was in his prime …

From the Condors, a bit more on ‘Undie Sunday’:

Undie Sunday brought a rain of underwear, socks, bras, diapers and socks down onto the ice. Nearly 6,000 clothing items were collected, including 1,096 pairs of socks, 2,773 pair of underwear, 1,747 diapers and 55 bras, among other items. The items will be donated to the Mission at Kern County and the Kern County Network for Children.

Socks? We get that these are essential items, but c’mon, how easy is it to throw socks onto the ice vs. tighty whities?

Incidentally, the Condors were going by “Teddy Bear Toss” rules, meaning that a goal needed to be scored before the fans tossed their unmentionables (and socks) from the stands.

Joel Broda scored with just 1:02 left in the game to spark the tossing – just in the knickers of time …