Dustin Byfuglien sucker punches Corey Perry after goal (Video)

Dustin Byfuglien totally learned from his crosscheck to the back of the head of J.T. Miller that he will never try to create any blunt force trauma to the noggin of an unsuspecting player ever again. Wait, no he didn’t learn.

Check out this sucker punch of Corey Perry after the Anaheim forward put the Ducks up 2-1 in Monday’s Game 3 against Winnipeg. Byfuglien was assessed a 2-minute minor for a rough.

Just dumb stuff again from Big Buff. Is Perry known as a guy who dives a bit? Yeah, he is. But when you’re hit to the back of the head and not prepared for it, of course you’ll drop. Not to make this all about Byfuglien and his in-game ability to be brain dead at points, but between the Miller crosscheck and now this, dude needs to learn a little.

But there’s another day for that argument on Byfuglien. As of this moment, Perry is still in the game, as is Byfuglien, and there was discipline on the play in the game.

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