John Gibson's new Ducks mask: Space Invaders with an Alien twist

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John Gibson, wunderkind goaltender for the Anaheim Ducks, has played in one game this regular season, and like his preseason appearances, things didn't go too well.

So what does any good goalie do when they're in a bit of a slump? Change their mask, of course!

Gibson is one of many NHL goaltenders who entrust their masks to airbrush artist to the stars, Dave Gunnarsson of

This isn't the first time Gunnarsson painted a mask for Gibson. As the young netminder entered his first NHL games this past season, Gibson donned a mask themed 'The Haunted Insane Asylum - Psycho Ducks On The Loose'. Later in the summer, Gibson and Gunnarsson came up with a Pac-man helmet for the 21-year-old to wear as he challenged fellow Anaheim goalie Frederik Andersen for the No. 1 spot.

Following Gibson's game one loss, Andersen took the net as the Ducks definitive starter, and instead of having Gibson wear the baseball cap night after night, he was sent down to the AHL for some work.

On Monday, the Ducks announced they've recalled Gibson. He'll arrive in Anaheim with a new bucket designed by Gunnarsson. Gibson stuck with the retro game theme, but changed it from Pac-Man to the classic Space Invaders. To amp it up a bit more, there is a reference to a certain Alien movie, but of course, with a Ducks twist.

Gunnarsson's enthusiasm for describing his design is infectious (in a good way):

John Gibson´s latest Anaheim Ducks mask called Pac-Duck made a huge success…. a design inspired by the classic video game… with a Ducks twist and hologram effects! Everything of course created in an old school pixel style….!

And here comes the next chapter, and watch out, we are being invaded from outer space! The war is is full action on each sides… take cover! O man I just loved this video game when I was a kid!

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And, oh, no, watch who the leader of the aliens are: it is The Alien Duck on the top of the mask, inspired by a certain Alien from a certain Alien movie, an Alien with a mouth in the mouth... or more precise a beak in the beak!

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The rest of the design is of course created in an old school pixel style, even the Mighty Ducks logo on the chin :)

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Hopefully this mask brings Gibson a bit more luck than the old one did.