Devils fan burns Zach Parise jersey, Minnesota fan goes Wild and other signing reactions (VIDEO)

The ink is still drying on the mega-contracts for Zach Parise and Ryan Suter with the Minnesota Wild, as reactions from around the hockey world continue to pour in. (Watch for another one from Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert on Friday.)

How did some New Jersey Devils fans handle the news? With hellfire. Here's James Schreib treating his Zach Parise jersey to a funeral pyre:

Uh ... thanks for the seven years, 'Cap.

Other reactions from Devils fans ranged from anger to depression. Minnesota fans, meanwhile, seemed quite pleased.

Devils fan "Mr. Dep 1244" was not very happy with Mr. Parise, who made "the worst mistake of his life" and, sadly, is never going to win.

This one's quite depressing if you're someone that's ever seen his or her favorite player traded away. Here's "onegiantgatorfan":

Meanwhile for the Minnesota, Spoontown was like "holy crap" when the players signed with his team.

Peyton's Eye on Sports is "cised" about Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signing with the Wild. Why did it take this young lad to inform us that Parise was building a house in Minnesota? That's it … we're only getting our news from people where Kool-Aid man shirts from now on.

And finally, whether or not this is staged doesn't matter — it's pretty much the perfect representation of the reaction for thousands of Wild fans on July 4.

Geez, imagine what'll happen if they win the Cup? We're guessing he runs through the wall Kool-Aid man style. Hey, borrow that other kid's shirt …