The Chronicles of Stanley: Draper offers straight poop on Cup

The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Detroit Red Wings as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup. For more about the travels of the Chalice, visit's Stanley Cup blog.

The Detroit Red Wings continued to taunt Leafs fans as Kris Draper brought the Stanley Cup to Toronto for the fourth time in his career; hoisting it for adoring, desperate fans in a "it's real, and it's spectacular" tease. Boy, it'd just be like an ocean's worth of salt in the wound if Mats Sundin decided to give Detroit a Hossa Discount, wouldn't it? (See "Loose Pucks" heading.)

We learn new things at each one of these Stanley Cup appearances, and Draper's was no different. From The Toronto Star's coverage of his visit:

• Keeper of the Cup Bill Wellman of the Hockey Hall of Fame said that rumors of the Stanley Cup being abandoned on the beach and used as an ashtray during Kid Rock's party for the Wings were "malicious lies." Because, you know, no one ever abandoned the Stanley Cup before.

• The Cup went to the Hospital for Sick Children (classy) and to the Detroit Eatery, a restaurant packed with Wings memorabilia collected over 60 years.

• Draper loaded the Cup with Timbits from Tim Horton's and ice cream for his family and friends to consume.

• Which is rather icky considering another recent celebration Draper's newborn daughter Kamryn had in the Cup back in June:

"A week after we won it, I had my newborn daughter in there and she pooped in the Cup," said Draper. "That was something. We had a pretty good laugh ... It was, well, clean it out. I still drank out of it that night, so no worries."

Yummy. As Christmas Ape over on Deadspin said, "No, no, Kris. There are worries. Lots and lots of worries." Bet the beer still tasted better than Budweiser, though.

Next up: Darren Helm and Derek Meech bring the Stanley Cup to Manitoba, where it will be kidnapped by militant Jets fans and held until Winnipeg is given another NHL franchise.

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