Blackhawks fan tells CSN reporter Sarah Kustok he loves her, leaves her speechless (Video)

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Greg from Lemont is a Chicago Blackhawks fan who was honored with a chance to play "Shoot The Puck," an intermission hockey shot contest at United Center. He didn't fare well. His consolation prize? An interview with lovely Comcast SportsNet Chicago reporter Sarah Kustok.

Greg decided to take full advantage of this opportunity to do what others had only dreamed of doing: Telling Sarah Kustok "I love you" at center ice of a Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild game on Thursday night. Here's our hero in action:

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For the video impaired, the Casanova of Chicago hockey was being congratulated by Kustok, a former basketball standout at DePaul, when he cut in with "I love you, Sarah" while putting his arm around her.

Kustok, smiling: "Oh my."

Greg: "You're so pretty and beautiful. I love you."

Kustok: "I don't even know what to say. I'm just going to say thank you. … I don't know what to say."

Later, she joked that they were skipping the dating phase of their relationship and going right to marriage. Let's face it: Any dude that would hit on you at center ice, on live cable television, is a keeper.

As The Big Lead noted, this is like an innocent, fan-centric version of the famous (OK, infamous) Joe Namath "I wanna kiss you" incident with Suzy Kolber of ESPN. It's pretty much one musical number away from Namath/Kolber as scripted by John Hughes.

Our only regret about this clip: That Greg from Lemont is wearing a Jonathan Toews jersey rather than a Patrick Kane jersey, given that the latter would be wholly more appropriate for brazen, shameless flirtation.

s/t reader Matt Baylor for the clip.

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