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We're starting to get a sense of where this whole Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews relationship with the Chicago Blackhawks is going. Kane's the energetic little ball of offense, Toews is the consistent captain. Kane is the Fedorov, and Toews is the Yzerman. In comedy team terminology: Toews is Aykroyd, Kane is Belushi. Without the speedballs.

This became even more apparent in today's news about the Blackhawks' dynamic newbies. Kane won the rookie of the year award from The Sporting News this week, and appeared on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio. The conversation turned to the kind of women Kane enjoys on the road, and Larry Brown Sports had the details:

You've played in a lot of different countries in this world ... who's got the best chicks?

Russia. If you go there, you'll see the hottest chicks you'll ever see. It's not a great area but the girls down there, they're pretty good.

You've played in Canada ... how are Canadian ladies?

They're pretty good. You know it's funny - they know if you're a hockey player. It's pretty good. You don't really have to initiate much out there, they'll just come up and talk to you out there so it's pretty cool.

What about the Euro girls? What about the Swedes and the Fins?

Yeah, the Swedes - they're all blondes out there. If you like that, I'd head out there too, because they have some pretty good looking ones. I didn't see too many in Finland that I really liked but I would probably have to say Sweden and Russia were the best for the European countries.

"The girls down there, they're pretty good" is now the official slogan of Russian women. So what's Toews doing while Kane is singing the praises of international puck bunnies? You guessed it: He's moving back in with his mother in Winnipeg. But Toews is trying to find a hip bachelor pad to call his own this summer. Just to firm up his goofball credentials, he recalled celebrating his 20th birthday during the recent IIHF World Championships with Team Canada: "[They] bought me a little chocolate brownie with a candle in it and tried to make me blush, and sang me Happy Birthday."

Is anyone else completely jealous that Chicago's going to have these guys for the next 10 years, or is it just us?

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