Barry Melrose throws down the fashion gauntlet at ESPN

Sometimes, a competitor needs a push from the new kid in town to recapture his mojo. Clearly, Don Cherry's arrival on SportsCenter has sent ESPN's Barry Melrose burrowing through his closet to find something that overwhelms even the most blinding Grapes ensemble.

Cherry has already unleashed a pink floral monstrosity that looked like rejected wardrobe for Nathan Lane in "The Birdcage." Tonight, The Mullet broke down Game 4 between the Wings and Stars in this glorious suit, looking very much like a pimp at Easter Sunday mass. "It's not purple, it's lavender," Melrose proclaimed on ESPN.

An impressive effort indeed, as we haven't really seen much of this classic since 2006. Unfortunately for The Mullet, Cherry's already conquered the lavender suit competition on Hockey Night in Canada. Puck's back in your side of the rink, Barry. Can't wait to see the next fashion disaster; although if you're thinking about wearing some sort of navy blue acid trip, Cherry's got you there, too.