Andrew Hammond, a.k.a. The Hamburglar, gets free McDonald’s for life

Goalie Andrew Hammond of the Ottawa Senators has had a Whopper of a season, backstopping the Five Guys in front of him with a 10-0-1 record in 12 starts, surprising the playoff bubble like a Jack In The Box while opponents Shake (Shack) their heads in disbelief.

His nickname is the Hamburglar, so naturally a Senators fan tossed a burger on the ice after a recent home victory, no doubt leading to a slightly more delicious tradition than rubber rats. But when Hammond picked up the burger, he didn’t take a bite, saying it was too cold.

Never wanting the beloved Ottawa goalie to be burgerless again, an Ottawa McDonald’s chain is giving Hammond something that, in our estimation, is better than the Vezina and the Hart combined: Free. Fast. Food. For. Life.

Grab your antacid, and read this from the Ottawa Sun:

Thanks to John Bergeron, the Senators goalie will be delivered a card that will give him free McDonald's food for life. Bergeron is the father of Chris Bergeron, who coached Hammond for three seasons at Bowling Green. He also owns six McDonald's locations in the Ottawa Valley and is a big Senators supporter.

Bergeron was so moved by the rise of The Hamburglar and appreciative of the promotion provided by the Senators goalie he called the VP of marketing at the head office in Toronto, suggesting a hamburger giveaway at Canadian Tire Centre. Toronto wanted to go one further and give Hammond the lifetime card.

Now, before an Ottawa fan throws a copy of “Super Size Me” on the ice to warn Hammond of daily fast food consumption, the goalie appears to have a level head about what would otherwise be the single greatest moment of any 27-year-olds life.

"I don't know, I'm thinking they have that new light menu, with all the salad and stuff," he told the Ottawa Sun. "I guess at the end of the day at least I know I'll never end up starving. If hockey doesn't work out, I have a meal plan."