Paul Revere will wear Tebow jersey if Broncos beat Patriots

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The mayors of Denver and Boston have a bet riding on Saturday night's game between the Broncos and the Patriots and the dignity of a Boston hero is at stake.

South End Patch reports that Michael Hancock of Denver and Ken Menino of Boston agreed to a two-part wager for the team's AFC divisional playoff game. The mayors will treat each other to a meal depending on the game's result, with Menino getting a Colorado steak dinner and Hancock receiving New England lobster. There's also a jersey component, and that's where Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere comes into it.

If Denver wins, the statue of Revere in the city's North End will don Tebow's No. 15. If New England wins, Hancock has to wear a Tom Brady jersey at an upcoming function.

How is that an equitable bet? If the Broncos are victorious, they get to desecrate the memory of a civic hero. If the Patriots win, they get to put a Brady jersey on a guy who spent the days after his election fighting off allegations that he visited a brothel. I'm all about respecting the point spread in straight-up bets, but this is a bit much.

Or maybe I'm just salty that government officials always wager on games and I still can't legally lay a sawbuck on the Pats to cover? Government hypocrisy at its finest. Paul Revere knows what I'm talking about.

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