Fox network sideline reporter Pam Oliver takes a football off the face (Video)

Having your back turned to the action on a NFL field isn't the best idea, even during pregame warm-ups. Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver found out the hard way. Before the Giants-Colts game, Oliver was preparing on the sideline as Colts reserve quarterback Chandler Harnish was practicing throwing out routes near Oliver. Harnish throw a little wide, and ... ouch.

Oliver was fine, as the veteran reporter laughed it off when they showed the painful blunder (in slow motion, of course) during the third quarter of the game. Within a few minutes, there were Vine videos and GIFs popping up on Twitter of the pass.

It's a good reminder to everyone who happens to be on a NFL sideline to always keep an eye out for errant passes. They don't feel very good off the noggin.

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