Terrell Suggs and his t-shirt don't like the Pittsburgh Steelers

Some people figuratively wear their emotions on their sleeves. Terrell Suggs(notes) literally has it printed on his back. And all classy-like too, I might add.

So deep is the Baltimore Ravens linebacker's dislike of the Pittsburgh Steelers that he's taken to wearing a shirt that reads "You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers" under his jersey during practice.

Suggs told the Baltimore Sun that he saw the shirt in a store and thought, "oh, that's nice for camp." The front of it reads "YBYSA", an acronym for what appears on the back (and something that sounds like something Drago said at the end of the bout in Rocky IV.)

This isn't the first time Suggs has made his thoughts about Pittsburgh known. Last year he got into a bit of hot water for suggesting that his team had put a bounty out on Hines Ward. (Ever the gentleman, Ward politely reminded Suggs of the NFL policy against such actions.)

It's only natural that Suggs, his teammates and Ravens fans would hate Pittsburgh though. The Steelers are a model franchise, have had more historical and recent success (including three wins over the Ravens last year) and, most importantly, don't have to live in Baltimore.

The feeling is mutual in Pittsburgh, if a little bit more understated. It's not that the Steelers and their fans don't hate the Ravens, but I always get the sense that Baltimore has much stronger feelings about the whole thing. (It's the same thing with the Maryland-Duke rivalry in college basketball.) I mean, do you think James Harrison(notes) would be caught dead wearing a Ravens diss shirt to Steelers camp?

Thanks, D.C. Steeler Nation