Yes, it’s true! SEC-themed Barbie dolls finally hit the market

Dr. Saturday

Rejoice SEC, University Barbie is coming back to your league.

According to Sports Business Journal, Mattel is selling University Barbie — a theme that flopped 16 years ago — for four SEC schools - Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn and LSU — in Wal-Mart stores in those markets starting this week.

The dolls will retail for $24.95 and will be sold in Wal-Mart stores, on Wal-Mart's website and on

Each doll is dressed as a cheerleader from each specific school and comes with pom-poms. Each school's cheerleading squad has been endorsing the dolls on their school Facebook pages in order to urge sales.

This is the second time Mattel has tried to market university-themed Barbies. The University Barbie first appeared in 1996 and sold well, but since the dolls were not distributed regionally back then, some states would end up with Barbie's supporting teams located on the other side of the country. So the line was discontinued in 1997.

However, Mattel is hopeful this new line will have more staying power.

Listen up my male readers, this is a great gift for the female sports fan in your life. Or maybe it's a great gift for yourself. No judgment here.

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