Video: The new Pac-12 schools you on vocabulary

As colleague Matt Hinton so eloquently stated: "Welcome to the Pac-12: Bring your thesaurus."

The conference opened its media days in Los Angeles today with a hype video that broke the bank on wordiness, but proclaimed the Pac-12 could lead the country in turning a phrase. Words included in the video vocab repertoire were: "differentiation," "preeminent," "panoramic," "undeniably prolific," "procession," "reillustrate," "unnerving," "inexplicable," "belligerent antithesis," "avant garde" and "quintessential."

Yes, there will be a test at the end of the film.

I especially appreciate when the narrator calls the Pac-12 the "quintessential modern conference." Not sure what it means, but boy does it sound purdy.

Wordiness aside, it's one of the better conference videos that juxtaposes (11th grade AP English word) its current membership with the strengths of its incoming membership.

At the very least, you'll feel smarter for watching it.

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