Video: Mike Gundy takes on a mechanical bull and lives to tell the tale

Dr. Saturday

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has made YouTube for a variety of reasons - a classic rant against a reporter, a not-so-classic attempt at break-dancing - and for the next couple days he'll be famous for his bull riding skills.

It's an impressive showing, actually. Even though there's no sound, you can see Gundy is intensely concentrating on staying on the bull and not looking foolish in front of what is no doubt T. Boone Pickens' posse at Saddle Ranch in Scottsdale, Ariz., where the Cowboys are preparing for Monday night's Fiesta Bowl clash with Stanford.

And while the lack of sound makes the entire video a little awkward to watch, Gundy actually isn't a half bad mechanical bull rider. He stays on for about 35 seconds before sliding off the left side of the bull and onto the mat. You can tell he's upset about it, too because he seemingly stares down the bull in a brief yet epic man versus machine moment.

In any case, it's another addition to the thriving Gundy archive.

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Video courtesy of @Brett_Reavis
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