Texas LB Steve Edmond apologizes for calling Baylor 'trash'

Texas LB Steve Edmond apologizes for calling Baylor 'trash'

Texas LB Steve Edmond released a statement through the school Thursday night apologizing for his remarks after Texas' spring game on Saturday.

Edmond had called Baylor 'trash' and expressed his dislike for the Longhorns' in-state Big 12 rival. Baylor won the 2013 Big 12 title.

"I need to apologize for what I said about the Baylor program last week,” Edmond said in the statement.

“I respect them for everything they've accomplished. I've been so frustrated over not being able to play in last year's game and our loss to them that I let all that anger build up and get the best of me. I won't let that happen again.”

Baylor and Texas met on the final week of the season in 2013. Because Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State earlier in the day, the game became a winner-take-all matchup for the Big 12 crown. Baylor won 30-10.

Edmond missed the game after he was injured against Texas Tech the previous week. In addition to saying how much he didn't like the Bears, he also said he didn't understand how his team lost the game.

In 11 games last season, Edmond had 73 total tackles.

Earlier in the week, Texas coach Charlie Strong made the realistic statement that Texas wouldn't win the national title. To add to that, we don't think the Longhorns are favorites for the Big 12 in 2014, either. In fact, they may be fourth (or worse) behind Baylor, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Two of the three return its starting quarterbacks and Oklahoma State has quarterbacks on its roster with starting experience. Texas does too in David Ash, but Ash was injured for most of last season and missed a portion of spring practice with a broken foot. But a healthy Ash isn't good enough for Texas to vault over any of those schools before the season begins. Hopefully Edmond is prepared to be an underdog in 2014.

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