SMU coach June Jones offers his sage wisdom to the public

College football coaches deal with a lot of things while trying to manage 100-plus players on a yearly basis and they're often looked upon to impart wisdom on the young minds that come not only to play football but also learn to be men.

On a rare occasion, we outsiders are privy to that advice.

Such was the case Tuesday evening when SMU coach June Jones announced on Twitter that he was going to give his followers 10 lessons he's learned during his 58 years on Earth.

The advice was everything from making the most of life to making sure that you're happy and loved. But I thought Jones' third, fourth and fifth tenets were among his best, including advice about credit cards from a man who makes more than $2 million a year.

Enjoy your dose of enlightenment.

Graham Watson is a regular contributor to Dr. Saturday. Follow her on Twitter: @Yahoo_Graham

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