Paul Finebaum: A 'chance' Braxton Miller transfers to Alabama

Dr. Saturday

Despite making no public statements to suggest he's heading to another school, speculation continues about Braxton Miller possibly not finishing his college career at Ohio State.

Tuesday, radio host and ESPN personality Paul Finebaum said a he talked to a source who said there was "a chance" Miller could end up at Alabama.

There's also a chance you could win the lottery this week.

Miller, as you know, missed the 2014 season with a shoulder injury, which he's currently rehabbing. He was replaced by J.T. Barrett and Barrett was replaced by Cardale Jones after he got hurt. Both Barrett and Jones are back, as you know. Both Barrett and Jones are good, as you know. So is Miller. And, Ohio State is keeping quiet about the quarterback competition for 2015.

Alabama coach Nick Saban was asked about any possible transfer on Tuesday. In the least startling news you've heard today, he said he was not going to talk about any players on other teams.


"I'm not really to talk about any other players on any other team," Saban said before the question was finished. "I know nothing about any such rumors. I don't even know who you're talking about but I don't know about any of those things."

Because of the shoulder injury, Miller is seen as potentially the odd man out because he could be a graduate transfer and play immediately if he so chooses. In January, he said at Ohio State's celebration of its 2014 title that "We've got another year."

Barrett has said he thinks discussion of Miller transferring is "silly."

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