Oregon’s Chip Kelly laments about the USC loss and Kejon Barner wears short shorts (video)

Happy Friday everyone.

Since today is going to be all about expansion, I thought I'd start the day off with something a little fun — like the Oregon golf team.

The Oregon golf team put out a 15-minute promotional video Thursday and while I'm not going to bore my college football audience with the entirety of the video — though it's pretty funny if you want to kill 15 minutes — I did cut out a couple football cameos from coach Chip Kelly and Kenjon Barner.

In the video, Kelly laments about not having golfers in the 38-35 loss to USC and claims they would have made the difference against the Trojans' speedy receivers.

Kenjon Barner does his best Tiger Woods impression. Spoiler alert: Barner's shorts.

There are a couple other cameos in here, but these were my favorite. I know it's not really football, but I enjoyed it. And it's a good way to start a Friday.

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