Olive Garden gave former Oklahoma center Gabe Ikard four bags of pasta after humorous NCAA pasta violation

Who knew a minor NCAA violation could end up being so lucrative?

Former Oklahoma center Gabe Ikard admitted to being one of three Oklahoma players who impermissibly received pasta servings at a team banquet. The school required the three athletes to donate $3.83 – the cost of each serving - to a charity of their choice.

Ikard made cracks about the violation on Twitter and apparently, it caught the eye of Italian restaurant Olive Garden, which sent Ikard four bags full of pasta and goodie to his hotel at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Ikard also received a call from chain president David George wishing him luck at the Combine.

Olive Garden also has been stalking Ikard on Twitter, congratulating him after he posted his posted some of his times and distances at the combine.

Ikard has been taking the pasta giant’s newfound attention in stride, but he admitted to The Oklahoman that entire ordeal has been a bit strange.

“The response that PastaGate has gotten has been a little ridiculous,” Ikard said, “but extremely entertaining,”

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