Mississippi State’s new Egg Bowl unis are as exciting as the rivalry itself

Mississippi State is the latest of many, many collegiate teams to go uniform crazy this year, unveiling a new set of Adidas maroon and gold uniforms for "The Battle for the Golden Egg" against Ole Miss on Nov. 26.

And yes, maroon and gold does give Mississippi State a bit of a Boston College feel.

The jerseys and pants are maroon while the numbers are gold. There's a large Mississippi State logo on the front and the jerseys have "Hail State" on the back. The sleeves have the actual outline of the state on Mississippi on the side with "State" scrolled across it, a not-so-subtle nod to the "This Is Our State" campaign the Bulldogs launched after beating Ole Miss for the second year in a row — and for the first time in Oxford since 1998 — last November, after which coach Dan Mullen vowed in the locker room that MSU is "never losing to this team again."

Riveting, I know. These uniforms aren't a giant leap from the ones the Bulldogs currently wear, but the formula can always stand a little sprucing up for the rivalry game.

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