Greyson Lambert's girlfriend will be crowned Miss Georgia at halftime next Saturday

Georgia quarterback Greyson Lambert has had a pretty good week.

Against South Carolina last Saturday, Lambert broke an NCAA record by completing all but one of his 25 passes in a 52-20 win.

This Saturday, he’ll watch his girlfriend, Adeline Kenerly, be crowned Miss Georgia during the halftime of the Bulldogs' game against Alabama.

OK, he probably won’t see it live since he’ll be listening to a halftime speech from Mark Richt, but he’ll probably catch the recap following the game.

And hey, everyone will know that the gorgeous girl standing in the middle of the field at Sanford Stadium is going home with him.

Are we surprised that Lambert, a Virginia transfer who hasn’t been in town all that long, has already snagged himself a beauty queen? Not really. They seem to flock to SEC quarterbacks. Remember AJ McCarron and his now-wife Katherine Webb? She was Miss Alabama.

And quite honestly, Georgia quarterbacks have traditionally done well with the ladies, just ask Matthew Stafford and Aaron Murray.

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